Tate Britain

Photography by Nat

COAT : A-Teen
SHIRT : Monki
TROUSERS : Designed + Made by Me!
BAG : Vintage Cartier
SUNGLASSES : Ray Ban Classic
SHOES : Vintage Marc Jacobs
SKETCHBOOK : Tate Britain

Had a hungover remembrance sunday strolling through the Tate Britain. It was peacefully quiet, more than I expected since London was focused on the Poppies at Tower Bridge that day. I went to see the who was up for the Turner Prize. The turner prize is awarded to a British artist under the age of 50 every year. It was named after the legendary painter Turner. 

Personally, I'm sad to say that the nominees "sucked" this year. There wasn't much shocking variety (I mean you can't beat the Tracey Emin year but still!) it was mainly...art film which got so boring towards the end. Basically, you know an exhibition was not good when you say "that's it?!" when it's over. The only artist I am routing for to win the award, is Tris Vonna-Mitchell. I thought his rhythmic audio during his film kept me (and others I saw in my surrounding) so captivated. It spoke to me!! Well, literally and figuratively speaking.

That night Nat and I attended the discussion by Showstudio with Maria Sharapova + Pedro Lourenco at the Nike Lab in Shoreditch. It revolved around the topic of sport, how it impacts fashion, Lourenco's collaboration with Nike, and apparently, women in power. Why apparently? Simply because whenever it was brought up (which was rarely) they didn't seem passionate or knowledgable when talking about it in my opinion, which disappointed me as a person who feels like it is such an important topic whether in sport or fashion. You can see the video for yourself on youtube, but they cut out so many great questions and completely mis-rephrased all the questions that were asked. I recorded the talk so I would know. Sassiness aside, I used to look up to Sharapova during my Tennis childhood stage, she was my favourite in the tennis magazine I used to buy every time. I almost wanted to go professional, but obviously didn't. The happiest part of the night was getting a picture with her, one childhood goal reached! Would have never been able to meet her in Hong Kong in those days. She's beautiful and tall.

P.S // I forgot to mention, the TATE BRITAIN CAFE HAS AMAZING FISH AND CHIPS OMG. MUST GO AGAIN!!! Don't get the pasta -_-




Comme Des Garcon

SHIRT - Les Artists from Colette (:/)
SHORTS - East End Thrift Store (leave aside the rips)
EYEWEAR - Ray Ban vintage (1980s)
SOCKS - Monki
FLASK - Urban Outfitters

If coco chanel borrowed from the boys why can't we?




Rotting Out

DRESS : My own design
SWEATER : Argyle Center, Mong Kok
SLING : Coach
SHOES : Office

Pop. Over this week, I did a lot of research for a group project on British Fashion Council's Newgen designer; Ashley Williams. Ashley Williams is a fashion designer who graduated from the University of Westminster, her designs are quirky, kitschy, and cheeky. Right up my alley! This outfit was worn the day we were given our prompt funny enough. 

Williams collaborated with Coca Cola for her recent SS15 collection. At the same time I've been drinking it frequently during breaks between lectures and seminars, kept me going on the inside. My brain felt like the volumes and textures of this outfit. Crazily coked.

PS. You may have spotted this outfit on the @lcflondon_ instagram. Check me out wheyyy Oh god..as if the photos weren't narcissistic enough. ShUt Up NiCoLe.



Photos by Nat through my iPhone
Composed and edited by me