Rotting Out

DRESS : My own design
SWEATER : Argyle Center, Mong Kok
SLING : Coach
SHOES : Office

Pop. Over this week, I did a lot of research for a group project on British Fashion Council's Newgen designer; Ashley Williams. Ashley Williams is a fashion designer who graduated from the University of Westminster, her designs are quirky, kitschy, and cheeky. Right up my alley! This outfit was worn the day we were given our prompt funny enough. 

Williams collaborated with Coca Cola for her recent SS15 collection. At the same time I've been drinking it frequently during breaks between lectures and seminars, kept me going on the inside. My brain felt like the volumes and textures of this outfit. Crazily coked.

PS. You may have spotted this outfit on the @lcflondon_ instagram. Check me out wheyyy Oh god..as if the photos weren't narcissistic enough. ShUt Up NiCoLe.



Photos by Nat through my iPhone
Composed and edited by me


Warby Parker - EYEWEAR

Source : Warby Parker

A couple of days ago, I receive an email from Brian who works for an eyewear brand called Warby Parker. After doing some research I found out that it was sort of like the American Version of Optical 88, and I was shocked to find how much I liked the (SLIGHTLY) "and other stories"-esque layout of their website, the balance of selection of eyewear for men and women, and their overall friendly-vibe.  Also on Facebook, I saw that one of my fashionable friends who I met through work experience liked their page, so I gave this one a go! 

This brings me to the announcement of their latest limited edition; Corner Collection.
A good frame is all about the shapeSomewhat similar to Shanghai Tang's last sunglasses collection, I like the look of the crisp keyhole bridges, and simple straight-edged brow bars made of horn-inspired acetate and stainless steel. I've personally never tried any of these glasses but aesthetically, it seems as if the quality equates to the price it sells for. I can't guarantee it, but I would try it out. Beats a lot of the shady street stall ones. Plus, most of the collection has classic shapes with modern additions (whether it's material or colour) so you'd get more wear out of them. Suits many outfits.


A few of my favourites: Hutton and Topper. What I love about these two, is the marble-looking frames. I remember my mum always wearing lovely vintage ray ban sunglasses with that same effect and it always had an influence in the type of eyewear I liked. My current glasses are from Evisu (bought in optical 88) which are similar to Hutton. Curious to see what they may look like on you, here's a picture of me in my current glasses:

Just got back from uni, excuse the photo booth quality.

I'd think that the Hutton would be more narrow than these Evisus. 

Anyway please check out Warby Parker's latest collection, because for every pair of eyewear purchased, a pair is distributed to someone in need. Ooh, reminds me of TOMS' one for one concept a while ago.


I need more sunglasses in London...but I'm a broke ass student so that'll have to wait. Need a part time job, willing to blog/style/design for pay! #selfpromotion #unashamed #emailme



(Thanks so much Brian by the way)




The Yellow Wallpaper

By Nat

DRESS n JACKET - East End Thrift Store
NECKLACE : Nuage Concept
SHOES - Tod's (Vintage)
BAG - Cartier (Vintage)

Hey everyone! I'm sure you're quite aware of what is happening in Hong Kong. In case you've got no idea, on september 30th, over 100,000 citizens have joined the protest in a quest to fight for democracy. People around the world have shown support for Hong Kong's fight for democracy, from London to the US. Here I'm expressing my support through the setting of my outfit photography.

While this small gesture may seem like a way to fit in with the popularly political trend...it's not. Having lived in Hong Kong for 18 years I truly understand the circumstances and support standing up for universal suffrage, even more so since the brainwashing incident happened (see my other blog for information). My last fashion project was based on that, where I created a campaign to express my support for people to be brave and think for themselves. 

Ultimately, my point is that this is what I believe in, not something I follow because it's "popular". It's like wearing one off vintage or thrift clothes against chain-store clothes. Finding this velvet East End Thrift Store dress was like digging up a unique gem. Under the tonnes of clothes they put on top in that thrift store, you may find something you believe is worthy and beautiful.