Look Louvre

SHIRT : Vintage Tee. SKIRT : House of Holland. BAG : Rebecca Minkoff. SHOES : Tod's.

You know the part where mary kate and ashley tiredly walked through the museums from exhibition to exhibition in their movie, Passport to Paris? Well, I felt that way too walking through the Louvre.

Musee Du Louvre is a museum showcasing a ton of traditional art. It's split into 3 sections that have A LOT of stuff in. I swear, it took me and my sister Nat at least 3 hours just going through one and a half of the three wings. If you intend to go there, be sure to avoid weekends, bring snacks, and get there early if you want to see the Mona Lisa!! It's in the "Denon Wing," I think.

Another thing is, the museum is free for people ages 25 and under. So make sure to bring proof of age like an ID or passport so the guard can let you in.




Blank Canvas

DRESS: Style Stalker // SHOES: Hm // SUNGLASSES: Ray-ban

Photos taken by Nat and Nadine

I've taken more simple routes than usual in most of my holiday outfits, and I think this look in Penang represented my mindset when I spent time away from most technologies during the month. I liked to think I was in a loose, clean, and fresh mind zone. However, I do admit I missed blogging a lot. Instagram was my only way to connect to the world during my break. Contrary to the simple route, over the past month, I've been attempting to deal with petty things that have been bothering me. Regarding friendship, work (fashion stuff), but generally, people. Sometimes it's best to become a blank canvas and start fresh.




Pourquoi Non?

Photography: Runa Anzai

Wearing: Sunglasses by Moodlook HK. Sweater top by Monki. Skirt from Hong Kong. iPhone charger necklace made by me. Boots by Jeffrey Campbell.

Kicking off this post with a little french, subtly hinting the content for the upcoming post(s). In preparation for me and Nat's trip, I was determined to practice speaking .....basic, basic french. Ultimately, I found myself repeating, "Je veux un croissant si vous plais." Which translates to, "I would like a croissant please." 

Why not, perhaps it's a symbol of my eagerness to sit and experience the Parisian cafes (#parisiancafelyf). They look great whenever they appear on food shows, film and photography. Plus, the last time I went to Paris was when I was 8, so I didn't appreciate the city as much as I should've. It'll be an independent adventure this time round. I feel nervous yet excited!