Blogger trend: Neon stripes

Photo: theblondesalad.com

Photo: cupcakesandcashmere.com

Hi there! Day to day I have been reading loads of fashion blogs and I've managed to spot a trend going on. Neon/Bright stripes are gradually heading in and becoming one of spring's number one trend. Above are two deticated fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni and Emily Schuman, [I love their blogs] personally, I honestly did not like the colours of the stripes that Chiara paired, but it does look good on her with the leather jacket and shows that she is daring! For emily, I really loved how she kept it simple esp with that skirt! I honestly never thought a watermelon skin coloured stripy top would look that good! She totally changed my views on bright/neon stripes.

ttyl. Nicole.


Dressing up for fun

Mark Eisen Boutique vintage faux fur coat. Thailand skirt. Vintage coach bag. H&M shirt + Sun glasses.

Fun Fun Fun!

<Sorry for the effed up lighting and quality, I don't have one of those dslr cameras>

ttyl. Nicole


I chose 'coach'

The Vintage red glove tanned cowhide coach bag given from mum.

Vintage Cardigan. Forever 21 shirt (for WWF). Vintage coach bag. Ralph lauren skinny jeans. ORIGINAL Tods shoes handmade in Italy.

Today I wanted to wear my gifted vintage Prada mini pouch-bag, but finally decided to go for the coach one to fit in enough essentials for the day.

Happy Sunday!

ttyl. Nicole


dangerously desireable stuff

Emma Roberts in NEW edition of elle wearing a leather studded Burberry Prorsum jacket

I adore Emma Roberts, and love how she looks more grown up in general through her style. I'd seriously love that jacket, but will probably have trouble passing security wearing this!

UNIF clothing Leather studded rider $845

Saw lil wayne wearing this in the Fire Flame remix mv with Birdman. What a rad jacket.

After being on lookbook for a few weeks, I find that the Lita platforms by Jeffery Campbell seem to be all the rave. I love the structure of it, but the heel is dangerously high, whatever, the higher the better they say! My favourite colour would have to be the taue suede ones, they look deliciously tempting..if you get what I mean!

Photos via elle.com and christeric.com

ttyl. Nicole.


Diy ideas - adding to something simple.

Lanvin's safety pin (photo via lanvin.com)
chic safety pins you can used to jazz up an LBD or plain dress/bag

Olive Suedette Fringed Short (Photos via: topshop.com)
I've always wanted to do some experimenting with fringe, so why not begin now with these babies?
Tom Binns necklace (Photos via: vogue.com)
A statement necklace can add drama to a simple long or short dress, I personally can imagine Rihanna wearing one of these.


Warm Coral, relaxing Sunday


1) Coral tank top: China. Shearling vest: Island Beverley's 'apostrophe' shop, HK. White Cardigan: Gifted. Jeans: Passed down from mum. Bag: Agnes B. Shoes: Tori Burch.

2) Yo Mama's Large Fro-yo with colourful sprinkles, my sister's favourite.

3)I GOT MAROON 5 TICKETS YAY OSOSOSOS EXCITEDDD + their cd which I shall love foreverrrrrr... I love them.

ttyl. Nicole


Future wedding dress idea anyone?

Alexander Mcqueen Fall 2011

Don't you love the details showcased on this beautiful gown?

Here in Hong Kong, I see a lot of couples taking their wedding photos outside their photo galleries [each sunday I happen to keep passing a street of wedding photo galleries so yeah].
Aside from me usually going 'awwh' to the couple, I often look at what dress the bride wears. 95% of the time I find that it is the traditional pure white silk, with a strapless cut and a long, long trail. Not kidding. I even once saw this...never mind. There is definitely NOTHING I have against strapless gowns on your wedding day, but wouldn't it be nice to have something unique so that you can stand out? I like this particular Alexander Mcqueen number because of the elegant construction, and that it will definitely be very memorable...

ttyl. Nicole


Street style inspirations: Edgy girls

I love this modern sleek silhouette. Shows that dark on dark doesn't have to be either too gothic/emo or too plain and boring! Sky high wedges ftw.

 Love that fur vest, love love love. I want one in black or grey...

Maxi skirts and leather have become huge AMAZING trends. I also like the shape of the bag and how it is made a statement.

Sporty chic with a twist by adding the open end gloves. The typical accecory a cool harley davidson motor cyclist would wear every single day. Awesome.

Working those baggy leather pants my dear. A task not all girls/women (and guys....don't even think about it unless you're fabulous like bryanboy!) can do. This look overall is something I'd like to call subtle edgy. Love those shoes!!!

I see gradient fur hanging out!(please be fake, please be fake...) <doubts> haha, anyways the overall look seems relaxed and cool esp that leather bag and her cool hair 'messy' updo. What skinny legs and interesting looks this lady has.

Hope you enjoyed xxx

Photos via elle.com


Prabal gurung's fall 2011 RTW

I am in dazed with this collection. I seriously think that this savage romance themed collection is amazingly done by the extremely talented Nepalese designer Prabal Gurung. This so far has definitely been one of the most favourite collections I have ever seen from him as well as this fashionable season (Though I haven't seen Thakoon's one yet, another one you MUST SEE). My favourite piece of styling would have to be the second last one with the pure white cape with lace trimmings. It looks classic, yet young and fresh because of the pairing of evenly cut out tights. I can definitely picture Blair Waldorf wearing this in the future episodes/seasons, perhaps a possibility?

Additionally, I loved the bold blouse Gurung created in the fifth model above. Very classical concept with a bit of an avant-garde twist because of the dramatic crimson ruffles and feisty yet romantic colour.

Absolutely loved the collection overall, if I was a party/high end working girl, I could totally live in this collection, couldn't you? Can't wait to see more good risks taken from Mr Gurung!!

Photos via elle.com


Remember the diys I promised...




Remember a few days back I posted a post on how I was thinking of diy-ing 3 things? Well, I managed to complete one of the tasks which were the braided necklace. I basically completed this whole process using fabrics, handiwork, and needles with threads. I added my own twist to the original photo seen on facehunter.org by changing up the fabrics to become more funkier and youthful (i guess) as well as making an asymmetrical knot with fabric hanging just like ribbon.

Want to know more about the process? As and you will def get an answer! Comment below.

Yesterday was my first outfit post!!




Was thrilled to finally wear my Hilfiger summer dress which finally fit my body like a glove.

Remember to HYPE my look on lookbook!

Dress: Tommy hilfiger's Hilfiger Denim. Coat: Theory. Bag: Club Monaco. Shoes: Monki (on SALE for 100 HK!!). Long sleeve shirt: H&M.


3 DIY IDEAS of today

I'm currently admiring braids and this necklace looked fabulous amongst the dark yellow blazer the lady wore. So I thought wow! What a great statement piece that would make!

Olivia palermo has been my style icon for quite some time now. I was just casually looking through pictures of her in different editorials and fell in love with the hair clips she was wearing above. Got me thinking diy...

Lastly, I've always noticed that olivia wears these statement necklaces that are so beautifully embroidered. Later on I realised that she had done a collaboration with jewellery designer Roberta Freymann which got me heaps excited...then the price came along and so I thought about diy-ing.

Photos via facehunter.org and skinnyisajob.blogspot.com and refinery29.com


fashionable friends

 Awwh! Matching accessories!

 Edgy girls

 A splash of preppy and colour!

 Sophisticated in four different ways <3

Its nice to see a fashionable force of friends.
Pictures: (from top to bottom) fashion week milan, milan fashion week, gossip girl, sex and the city.

Photos via elle.com, theceruleansweater.blogspot.com, kidzworld.com