Floral prom by teen vogue

For more info on each dress click this word: TEEN VOGUE FLORAL PROM

Hello yet again to whoever is out there! Prom is on the countdown for many of us and I am super excited + nervous. Btw, I joined CHICTOPIA.COM which explains the little widget on the sidebar of zee blog! I'm still learning how to upload photos there and yeah.

Above here are my picks out of the 26 floral dresses teen vogue have chosen to showcase. I personally love the unique-ness of the first dress, as it is not the quintessential colourful flower-y dress everyone expects it to be when you say "florals". Sorry if it's too much of a blabber but...what do you think?

ttyl. Nicole.


Red hot chilli pepper trousers!!


Shirt from JDC, Trousers/pants from Maple, Gladiators from China, Bag from juicy couture, Necklace from a friend miles back in time. [Extra: toenail colour from Essie]

All I have to say is happy easter! (And do/don't get sick on eating those chocolate eggs!) Have a great day!!

ttyl. Nicole.


What goes around comes around


Sequined shoulder pad chiffon top: Basic [can be found on granville road, hk]. (Underneath chiffon top) blue studded tank top: JDC. Jeans: Ralph lauren (last seen HERE). Tan wedges: China (last seen HERE). Yellow mini bag: Made by my dearest grandma!

New shirt and new hair today! This was actually my first white chiffon top I owned inside my closet and I felt really delighted to wear it to afternoon tea! I love the sequin detail on the shoulder sections because that was what made the top rather special (and it was the last one!). A few days ago, after I bought this (alongside another item) I found out that the lady in the store ["Basic" down on granville road] over-charged me by one dollar on both of my purchases by one dollar each! I realise this may sound quite petty, but one dollar on both items add up to make a huge difference. Thankfully, my friend went through the same experience (I'm not saying it's good ok!) and calmed me down by saying that "what goes around comes around". I wonder what happened to that lady...
I learnt a valuable lesson to be aware of the prices and becareful not to be cheated, hopefully this won't happen to you all as well!

ttyl. Nicole.


Good Friday

Lanvin for H&M shirt dress, juicy couture bag, wedges from china, unknown-branded jeans, vintage cardigan + belt.

Have a good friday this weekend! So sad I didn't win the Chiara Ferragni shoes contest because I looove them so much! Oh wells! x

ttyl. Nicole.


Steve Madden Party outfit

English Smocking is the name of this technique in the pic above!

Dress made by me. Vest from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Both necklaces from I believe Sheung wan? Bag from thailand. Shoes from China. Turquoise bracelet: fair
I was going to wear this to the Steve madden party but...I ended up not going because I was way to tired from going shopping yesterday, I guess it's just one of those days eh? Anyways, aside from that depressing statement, I made this dress! Yes I did it with my own blood sweat and tears, and i DID NOT send my design to China. BTW, isn't this necklace ah-may-zingg?! I'm speechless. Do you like this look overall?

ttyl. Nicole. Hype me on lookbook!


Sweet Lace

 Nyla Clogs, yay! Finally was able to wear them.  

Here are some photos of my full outfit. The event was a fashion show where garments were made of trash items such as newspaper, plastic bottles, etc. I have to say, some of the garments were quite impressive whilst others were bland and quite regular. I might post some photos later if I can be bothered...and excuse the shiny forehead below, I seriously should never pose facing forward. ever. You will NEVER believe how many faux louboutins I saw on that runway. IT WAS UNREAL.


Coach bag. CPS lace shirt. edc under-shirt. Miss sixty jeans. Nyla clogs. Miscellaneous jewellery.


Favourite shots of the week!

  So delicious, I've been craving for this all week to help me stay awake on late nights. CBF

 I want to diy this!

 Minnie of the stylish wanderer looks amazing!

 Just casually dreaming of my future casual shoes...

 Mmm enough said eh?

 Need to get this issue of teen vogue! Nina dobrev graces her photo spread.

Photos via: manrepeller, thestylishwanderer, fashiontoast, teenvogue, cupcakesandcashmere, brook+lyn

ttyl. Nicole.


Vintage jewellery finds [none bought]

the box of goodies! 

So literally just last night my mum, sister and I found this box of small jewellery pieces [some of which were broken] so we had the chance to pick out the ones we wanted! I believe that these pieces really are quite vintage (well, they def look the part!). The majority of what I chose were the broken and small ones but my sister chose the beautiful necklace shown above. Enjoy!

ttyl. Nicole.



What I'm wearing: Vivienne Westwood shirt (passed down) and a strapless dress worn as a maxi skirt!

I don't have one of those professional cameras like dslr's but I still love exploring creative ways to take photos usnig what i've got. My favourite part of photography is viewing the final product! What do you think of my photography? Good for starters?

Oh and yes, the photos are edited.

ttyl. Nicole