First day of internship outfit!

Shirt: Unknown. Shoes: Tods. Leggings: Uniqlo. Skirt: Cotton on. Vest: marc by marc jacobs. Necklace: Carolyn Chandler.

What do you think of my outfit? I was quite hesitant about it for interning at a boutique store :S Somehow though, I think my quirky personality should be able to shine through.. Wish me luck at work! (so nervous yet excited)

ttyl. Nicole.


Pointy Flats??

 I've always doubted the look of pointy flats. They used to remind me of granny's feet (bad, bad thing). But somehow I could not reject these $40 hkd ones I got at a fair. The colour was actually pretty nice and suited my young face and personality. Turns out I adore them after all despite what others think!
 By the way, the designer of this necklace is actually called "Carolyn Chandler" Sorry for all the misconception and confusion :S She does have a blog...I just forgot the link..oops!
Shut up with the face. There was a fly in my hair!

Dress: F21. Bag: Rebecca Minkoff. Watch: Baby G.

ttyl. Nicole.



 A change in scene eh? Rocker chic on a Saturday!! Usually I opt for something colourful but today was somewhat different. These Tom Ford Sunglasses are pretty cool, I wish they were mine but they're my mum's.
Gladiators from China. Skirt: Unknown. Shirt from Giordano. Snake bracelet: Unknown. Studded vest: DVF store in china. Peace necklace from HK somewhere. Bag: Rebecca Minkoff.

Have a great Saturday!

ttyl. Nicole.


Feminine Bohemian

By far one of the coolest necklaces I ever own. A very stylish bib! Practical and chic = WIN
Bangles: made by me! Skirt: second hand and given. Belt: Coach. Top: Kookai. Bib necklace: Somewhere in HK.

OOTD! Have a great weekend! Have not actually worn this skirt before!
ttyl. Nicole.


Morning omelette!

Top from forever 21. Shoes from China. Skirt from H&M. Hat from Monki. Scarf around hat from Hangzhou(my sister's). Jewelry are all miscellaneous. Baby G watch.

I love the colour of this top. In fact, it's my first ever yellow-sheer top purchase so far! The detail of the top somehow reminded me of eggs....? Is that weird?

ttyl. Nicole.


I can see a rainbow!

Maxi dress from Maple. Shoes from Vincci (malaysia). Watch from Baby G. Bracelets are miscellaneous. Sunglasses from H&M. Necklace made by Caroline Chandler(talented unknown designer). Mini bag from local indonesian shop from a while back.

Ok. So I finally finished my exams first and foremost but better yet...the sun came out!! Also I found the website of shop addresses for MAPLE (the shop) so that if ever you come to hk, you can shop there! Click this to see! I love the flowy-ness and the mild fish-tail cut at the bottom of the dress, it feels so comfy too!
Anyways Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

Hype me on lookbook peeps!

ttyl. Nicole.