Back with the blues

So today was raining and this time round I shot indoors! I'm kind of obsessed with this top hat right now. It adds some sort of quirky drama to my entire outfit, which, I completely love! The delicate layers and blue shades are probably a reflection of my day so far; calm yet saddened by the weather.....
Top hat: Unknown.  Flower piece: H&M. Pants: Joseph. Sweater: Topshop. Tank top: New Look. Bag: Rebecca Minkoff. Necklaces and bracelets: All from school fairs etc.

Hope you all have a brilliant day even if the weather sucks :P

ttyl. Nicole.


Taking a vintage piece for a spin

This top looked off putting when left alone but after styling it I had second thoughts to it. I'm thinking of diy-ing it though. BTW. I'm working on diy-ing shorts with my sis's bff so yea. STAY TUNED!
Take One.
Take Two.
Shirt: Vintage Kenzo from My grandma/pa. Cardigan: Maple. Belt: Vintage. Necklace: Random in Hong Kong. Bag: Rebecca Minkoff. Shorts: Theory. Shoes: Vintage Tods from mum.

 I was so pissed with the rainy weather today. I so desperately wanted to have a photo shoot session outside!! I also stupidly decided to wear my leather bag/shoes because I was actually in a relaxed, calm mood this morning! Though, even when the rain heavily hit, I was still determined to take the pix of my outfit due to my dedication to my fellow followers/newbies to my blog!!
I really love and appreciate all your comments and emails!! Keep visiting!

ttyl. Nicole.


No rules for the summer.

Top hat: Unknown. Shirt: Roxy in Tung Chung. Necklace: Self made, diy. Dress: Forever 21. Earrings: Starfish-project.com.

I love layering. No matter what the weather is like, I still happen to cope! This summer will be filled with my self-created projects [which I will share with you soon in the future] including stuff to do with mainly building up my fashion portfolio!!

ttyl. Nicole.



Top: Fred Perry. Poncho: Topshop. Hat: H&M. Shorts: DIY. Watch: Baby G.

Sorry I haven't been here lately, school work, projects and other stuff had to kick in! But now that's mostly over....Summer's arrived and I'm psyched.

ttyl. Nicole.


Versace for H&M [confirmed!]

I'm speechless. Excited. Ready for this sexy, fabulous collection ever since the lanvin for h&m collection released. Bring it on Donnatella!! Btw. The dress below is FROM THE COLLECTION. DIBS.
"For me this is an opportunity to show to the very, very big audience of h&m what Versace has been and what Versace is now." - Donnatella Versace, Creative director of Versace.
 cool stuff. cool stuff.

 ttyl. Nicole.



Lanvin for h&m dress. Bershka Heels. A gifted rhinestone clutch. Self made bangle. Starfish Project earrings.

Yep! Just a quick post of my prom look from yesterday night! I had such a blast!

ttyl. Nicole.


What does a cat do with nine lives?

 Are we rolling?? Haha!
Shirt: Simply Blue.  Shorts: Originally Long shorts but I diy-ed them! Short coat: H&M. Bangle: Made by Me. Boots: Monki! + Nail colour: Stranger tides by opi.

 So today, and yesterday, and the day before that, it was raining cats and dogs. During the past week I've been handling various assignments so it was quite a busy and horrible week. Thankfully at least 90% of that is over and I have prom to look forward to later on tonight and summer holidays soon!
I will do a prom-outfit post tomorrow so keep updated here!

Don't forget to check out my sister's blog who is also the photographer here: http://www.crashingfashionshouse.blogspot.com

ttyl. Nicole.


What I DIY-ed and what I aim to DIY.

What I DIY-ed...
From this (after I made a vneck cut of that hideously boring giordano plain tee)
To this... Edgy/Graceful/Beach ready shirt!!

Now, What I AIM to DIY for the summer!!!


Charley 5.0 shorts +Sam Edelmen Lorissa pump!!!

Can't wait for the holidays and prom!!!

ttyl. Nicole.