Airport outfit.

Maxi Dress: Maple. Vest: Helmut Lang. Scarf and ring: H&M. Hat: Monki. Studded gladiators: China.

Bye my fellow bloggers and followers!!! See you in a few! (Hype my looks on lookbook pls!)

ttyl. Nicole.


Country Bumpkin outfit + kunming photos

Top: Juicy Couture. Skirt & Ring: H&M. Wedges: China. Hat: Monki. Bangle: Made by a friend. Watch: Baby G.

Hey there!! As mentioned before I will be heading off to Malaysia, and therefore I may not be able to get internet! (we'll see...) Therefore I might not be blogging so much..WOW. It just suddenly started to rain heaps outside!! HK weather is so unpredictable.
ANYWAYS. Here are some photos from my Kunming trip. Enjoy!
China-esque local souveniers.
Stone Forest. Not worth entering for the amount of money I had to pay for the ticket! Trust me.

ttyl. Nicole.


DIY lorissa pump reinterpretation (crashingfashionshouse) + update

I just had to make a post of one of my sister's beautiful diys. Credits for making it go all to her!! If you like it...check out her BLOG. I will soon do MY interpretation of the Sam Edelman Lorissa pumps after I finish the collection...or when I'm bored!

I want to wear it now!!!! Haha :)

Hello there! Sorry for not posting but I was away in China for that week. However, China was amazing and perhaps life-changing? I don't know. Sounds quite deep. But trust me. It was! In a few days time I will be heading off to Malaysia for 2 weeks. I will promise to post pictures of my outfits each day though :) On a side note, my next post will definitely be some photos from my China trip!

Till then...

ttyl. Nicole.


Zai Jian for Ming Tian!

This looks like a nautical skirt but it's actually a spaghetti strapped maxi dress from one of my fave hk stores called MAPLE. I love all their fun printed maxi dresses/skirts to bits now!

Nautical dress (As mentioned above, maple). Blazer: H&M. Old shirt. Tophat: Unknown.

Quick post. As you can see, you may be wondering what on earth i'm talking about in the title section. Well, in any case, it's putonhua for saying "Bye Bye for Tomorrow!". Yes. That's Right. I'm saying bye to blogger for this whole entire week since I'm in China!! I'll post picturesque photos on the sceneries when I get back. Promise!

ttyl. Nicole.


Rainydays and Sundays always get me down.

Don't worry, the photo quality gets better as you continue to scroll....they're worth the comment..haha jk!
Studded tank top: jdc. Dress: H&M from 4-5 years ago. Ring: H&M this season. Bracelets: Selfmade+ mini stalls. Watch: Baby G.

I love this leopard dress! It reminds me of how much I have grown within the period of time that I had this. When I was 11, the dress went all the way down to the floor like a ball gown! But now, I can wear it casually anywhere, It's definitely one of my go-to dresses for everyday wear.

ttyl. Nicole.


Work in progress.

Hey girls! As mentioned in THIS POST I am working on 2 mini fashion collections!(See. NOT lying!) These days have been really uptight and busy because of it, but, it's really great fun! I'm glad that I'm heading on the right track so far! Though...I truly missed blogging, and I feel somewhat calmer and extreeeeeemely happy to post this! Up there is a sneak peek of one of the pieces of the modern street fashion collection, unfinished of course.

ALSO. How cool is this turquoise-ish ring? I found it at h&m on sale at 1/2 price! This is a size medim btw but I should have gotten a large!!
I love it to bits now! Defo my new favourite ring.
Btw. Does anyone know how to make a gif?  Let me know in the comment section!

ttyl. Nicole.