Somewhere in the garden (Mango x LB contest!)

Top - Mango
Shorts - Kenzo, vintage
Rose mini bag - Made by grandma
Black leather bag - Bally, vintage
Fan - Penang, Malaysia night market!
Sunglasses - Ray Ban, vintage
Boots - Spain, vintage

Yes, as you can see from the title I am entering the Mango x LB contest. This contest finally gives global lb fashionistas a chance to express their sense of personal style using one of Mango's pieces (so psyched!). Really glad I can participate in this and share my style to the rest of the world. You can hype me HERE.

ttyl. Nicole.


There's explosions on my shirt!

Attempting to do a side braid like this one here. I'm pretty sure mine's is a fail.

Shirt - Maple
Shorts - UniQlo
Boots - Forever 21
Bag - Thailand
Earrings - The Starfish Project



Top - Blue Sand
Skirt - H&M
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff
Shoes - Tods, vintage.
Faux Pearl Necklace - Randomly found around my home :O
"Crystal" clear pendent (On pink necklace strand) - Singapore
Watch - Baby G

Hi. Today I felt like I needed to go preppy! So....yea, this outfit what basically what I threw (in a neat way) together this morning for church. It's been a while since I last wore a shirt with a 'johnny collar'(I believe that's what this type of collar is called). One girl even came up to me today and said that I look so classy, adding that I was like Spencer on PLL. She's my favorite character, so proud!!

ttyl. Nicole.


Picture day

 Sweet Kisses!
Dress - Zara
Jeans - Joseph
Earrings - Vivienne Westwood
Watch - Baby G
Bracelets - Made by me
Lip colour - MAC's Satin Red

This was what I wore to school photos today. The makeup earlier on was much more discreet for school, and now as you can see I....changed it up a little bit since I felt like it! Truly makes a difference to your day/night outfits. Some may say that bold prints make the cameras go crazy, but I honestly did not care nor bear that in mind when randomly throwing together this outfit!

ttyl. Nicole.


Spot the dot!

Vest - Marc by Marc Jacobs
London top - Topshop
Underneath tank top and ring - H&M
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff
Flats - China
Jeans - Ralph Lauren

Polka dots have been my all time fave. These flats are great for adding a little bit of cuteness to an ensemble esp since they have that awesome ribbony piece to add volume on top. Sadly, after today I'm afraid that my 5 year connection with the flats will have to go as it is too worn out, and breaking to bits. RIP shoe.

On that note, I'd like to pay some respect for all those who went through the tragic event of 9/11. Rest in piece.

ttyl. Nicole.


Vintage loving.

Firstly, let me introduce these bloggers shown above to you. To the far left is the Southern Californian fashionista Olivia Lopez, whose blog is lustforlife. In the center is Iris G, whose blog is fashionzen.blogspot.com. Finally, to the far right is Nicole Warne of garypeppervintage.blogspot.com.

There are so many fashion bloggers out there in this cyber world that I love. However these three distinct fashionistas share something in common that I absolutely praise and adore aside from their personal style..which is....the fact that we can all have a piece of their vintage wardrobe!

If you follow their blogs, you'll be able to see that Vintage vibes are perfectly shown through their own impeccable interpretations into their modern,youthful individual styles. Here we go...

1. Olivia Lopez - http://shopthecaravan.com
Olivia's personal style incorporates a mix of lightweight-california weather friendly-vintage clothing with chunky heels and statement accessories. She has a very interesting youthful 1960s vibe that channels through her style.
This 'vibe' is also channeled through her vintage collection, including pastel-peachy colored tones with contrasting bold prints, and cute retro / john lennon-like sunnies.

2. Iris Gravemaker - http://fashionzenvintage.com
Iris is the girl known for her mix of bold colors and prints with vintage/modern structured handbags alongside awesome statement shoes. She says that ever since a little girl, she had an addiction to vintage, one of a kind pieces. Till this day that hasn't changed.
Iris's online vintage store offers one of a kind vintage clothing, accessories, bags, and even shoes. Her style truly reflects in these hand picked items as they are bold print, colourful, and feminine. Something that kind of reflects me too..hm..

3. Nicole Warne - http://www.garypeppervintage.com
Truly amazing. This vintage online store started in late 2009 and is established as one of the best known vintage outlets in the world. The owner and gorgeous australian based fashion blogger Nicole Warne has a whimsical, beautiful, dreamy individual style that translates into the collection of exquisite vintage pieces of high calibre.
I especially love her entire vintage outlet because these are pieces that you can tell are of the highest calibre, and, they reflect what her personal style is in comparison to what she wears on a daily basis. (as shown through her everyday fashion blog.)
Gary pepper vintage is soooooooooo dreamy and inspiring! It makes me want to be like her--but in my own way of course.

+ fans of this vintage site..

Hope you liked reading this! I encourage you to check them out!

ttyl. Nicole.