A sailor went to sea sea sea! Lookbook diy halloween contest

Sailor top - Laura ashley + own diy (split pins)
Skirt - Made by myself :)
Shoes - Jeffey Campbell Litas
Flower - H&M

I don't celebrate halloween...but I love dressing up!! This costume was inspired by a sailor nursery rhyme I grew up listening to:

"A sailor went to sea sea sea
To see what he could see see see
But all that he could see see see
Was the bottom of the deep blue sea sea sea!"

ttyl. Nicole.


Light Layers

Blouses + dress - Forever 21
Peace necklace - Self made
Shorts - Theory
Shoes - China
Bag - Club Monaco

Today I realllllllyyy wanted to wear a collared top, therefore, I opted for this sheer sleeveless blouse. These layers together were so light and kept the temp just right for the weather today. Originally, this shirt and blue dress (last worn here) slides down to just above my knees, so I had to tuck them both into the shorts. Btw. The style of the black blouse is a replica of this on I wore.

ttyl. Nicole.


JC Black suede litas

I am SOOOO HAPPY. I first received a box from revolve clothing, so thinking it was my mum's I called her up and she told me to wait for her and said it was a surprise. When she got home, we opened the box together and she suddenly said, happy early christmas present! I was shocked not knowing it would be for me, then when I saw the "Jeffery Campbell sign" I literally squealed! I'm so happy. Brought my worst week to a happy end.

Styled these beautiful suede litas with... 
Top - Forever 21
Jeans - Joseph
Bag - Juicy Couture

Speaking of which. Sorry I didn't blog at all the entire week, I was reallllllyyyy sick + it was my holiday which made it even worse >n<. I couldn't enjoy anything at all, instead, I was laying at home feeling horrible. ugh. But now i'm sort of ok! ;)

ttyl. Nicole.


Porcelain scarf

Shirt - Giordano
Shorts - Padini Concepts store in Malaysia (DIY-ed by sister)
Scarf - (Actually silk material from China's fabric Market made into a scarf)
Shoes - Forever 21

I love the print of this silk material as it reminded me of chinese porcelain patterns! The texture of it is very smooth, light, yet still keeps me warm around my neck!

I still have yet to post a few photos of my designs from last week's fashion show that I contributed in....also...I have yet to tell you some exciting news regarding top british designers.

ttyl. Nicole.


Featured on Inspiration and Beyond!

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to announce that I have been featured on the blog inspirationandbeyond.blogspot.com ! Go check out my interview if you have time righhhht HERE.
I had a great time answering these questions, thanks for the interview Layo!!

ttyl. Nicole


Colourful juice

Denim jacket - Marc by Marc Jacobs, vintage
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff
Top - Forever 21
Shorts - Padini Concepts store (Diy by Nat C)
Watch - Burberry, vintage
Boots - Monki
Ring - H&M
Other bracelets - Made by me

This marc by marc denim jacket is truly colourful, don't you think?It sort of brings out a 1960s vibe to this outfit + I adore the red lining that makes it pop. Do you know, this morning I purposely turned the air con in my home on high just so I wouldn't feel too hot while wearing this jacket out. (Oh well, the dim sum restaurant was cold enough!)
I'm wondering when it'll ever turn cooler so that I can break into my chunky knits and luscious coats..?

till then.

ttyl. Nicole.


The sun's out!

Oh hey there...
Blouse - unknown, but given from a friend
Necklace - also not sure but I think it's made by my mum's friend. 
Sunnies - Forever 21
Belt - vintage
Shorts - Mong kok (Hong Kong)
Bangles - handmade by me / from china
watch - baby G
Shoe - Tods, Vintage.

Whoah. Busy, busy week this week. Yesterday, I participated my very second fashion show, showcasing 6 of my designs. It was the best night.
 Waking up this morning, I immediately felt like posting a relaxing outfit post for you all, due to the rise of some gorgeous sun. I love this top, but wish I knew where it was from and wish that it was a bit more longer to cover me bum bum. The same goes for my necklace, minus the length of course. Accessories really makes your outfit look a whole lot better.

And yes. that is my dog, not some wild one that randomly came by.

ttyl. Nicole.