Oranges and Lemons say the bells of St Clements!

Orange top - Thrifted
Sleeveless blouse - Kookai
Jeans - Ralph Lauren
Bangle - Store in China
(My school tote in the back: Mum's vintage Loewe!)

Zoya's: Creamy ZP405 colour

This was what I wore to school today! Vibrant colors really do make a change when you're in a room filled with neutral coloured people. haha.
I also just came back from watching a great drama performance that my other sister performed in, and so now...I need to catch up on revision, and homework. Oh poop. It's now 11:00pm, joy...

ttyl. Nicole.


Sunny Winter's day

Dress - Vanessa Bruno
Blouse - Unknown >_<
Leggings - Cotton On
Sun glasses - Hong Kong
Boots - Steven by Steve Madden
Orange necklace - Made by Carolyn Chandler
Heart necklace - friend
Bag - Juicy Couture

Thanks global warming, now winter in hk has heated up! It's sort of non existent now which really is a shame for me. The current mornings of hong kong are quite cool and wintery, but as the day glides by, mr sun seems to always pop out and spread it's heat. Despite the odd weather, I decided to pull a light winter outfit for the day. I randomly found this dress in my closet, and discovered that one of my mum's friend's daughters gave some of her clothes to me and my sis as they didn't fit her or whatsoever. The simple drapery and flowy yet heavy dress really amazed me.

ttyl. Nicole.


Black is edgy

Jacket - Karen Millen
London Top - Topshop
Black tank top - Supre
Shorts - Uni Qlo but diy'd by me from long to shorts

You may not be able to see the transparent-ness of my karen millen jacket, but I loved the texture of it so much, that it was perfect for today's light breezy weather. I decided to break the darkness of my outfit with these shorts I diy'd. They used to be these three quarter length trousers but now they're cute shorts.

ttyl. Nicole.


Les rouge et le rose

Button up blouse - United Colours of Benetton (Borrowed from my sister!)
Blue top - H&M
Heart Necklace - Gift from a friend
Rose Necklace - My Sister's
Jeans - Ralph Lauren
Bangle - Gift

Mac Cosmetics - Satin red no.B31

Busy!Busy!Busy! That's the current spirit of my life, active and on the go. The winter seasons are always the busiest times of the year for me which sort of makes me...happy? Anyway, I love these punchy yet soft colors I have going on in this outfit, it totally represents the soft breeze of winter winds mixed with the busy atmosphere of the season. This rouge lipstick is gorgeous, I have yet to wear it out somewhere...hmm...still waiting..

ttyl. Nicole.



Photo Credits: Nat

Skirt - Zara
Belt - Vintage
Shirt and ring - H&M
Shoes in first 2 photos - Converse
Shoes in third photo - Vintage
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff
Earrings - Gifted Vivienne Westwood
Bangle - Gift from mum's friend
Nail colour: Zoya's Creamy

Today: New nail colour, absolutely love the cheerfulness it brings! 
 This outfit: Casual put together with my huge glasses (prescription) which i love (no matter what others think). I felt like wearing a pretty pleated skirt with a light shirt as the weather wasn't too cold today. I made sure that the blues didn't look too plain by spicing it up with a pair of red converse high tops and those burgundy velvet vintage loafers later on. New loves!

ttyl. Nicole.


Can you smell winter yet?

Knit Vest - Acne Jeans
Shirt - Shanghai Tang
Shorts - Padini Concepts store, diy-ed by my sister
Leggings - Uni Qlo
Bag - Boutique in China
Velvet headband - Vintage

Yay for cooler weather! It has finally hit hong kong and has allowed me to finally wear my first ever Acne Jeans knit vest! I just loooove the color and the unique texture of it! Unlike other knits, this one leaves interesting drapes hanging slouchily on your body...AND has a good mixture of cable knitting, weft knitting, etc...the list of knit jargon goes on. Anyways, enjoy your week whilst I continue on with my (not so good) costume workshop..ugh..such a drag so far.

ttyl. Nicole.


Blocked and Checkered

Blazer - H&M
Top - Flea Market
Shorts - Originally from uni qlo but diy-ed by me into shorts!
Shoes - Vintage Marc Jacobs
Leggings - Hong Kong
Sunglasses - Theory
Bag - Juicy Couture

Hi! This was an outfit I put together last sunday that I just had to post for you all. It was the first time I ever wore my diy shorts [which were originally 3/4 pants from Uni Qlo]! It's finally getting colder here in hong kong [yay!!] so I shall be opting for more thicker wooly knits, coats and layering in future posts! 
By the way, last saturday I went to a school fair and found some amazing thrift finds! I'm so happy imma post pictures of them whenever I have time! However currently, I'm really stressed about school work so....I've got to go complete that! [wish i could stay]

ttyl. Nicole.



Jacket - Londsdale
Top - Vintage Prada
Belt - Coach
Shorts - Theory
Shoes - Tori Burch
Bag - Thailand
Bangles - Friend
Socks - Random

A lazy rainy day with no school today! Went for a yummy dim sum brunch nearby and currently should be finishing my homework! Yikes so many deadlines! By the way, for all the hong kong people out there, if you are free this saturday and sunday head on over to Victoria Park for the Mardi Gras event where I will be performing dance!!! Still have a lot to post including the British Council London showrooms here in hk. I had the pleasure of working with designers and their collections from roksanda ilincic's clothes to nicholas kirkwood's shoes!
(by the way, excuse the thing on my hand it's paint from a workshop I did with the artist Maria Isabel Parra, please check her out!)

ttyl. Nicole.