Sweater - Warehouse 
Pants - Joseph 
Shoes - Monki 
Watch - Guess

Hi there! I just arrived bck in Hong Kong last night! I will deffo post more photos of more outfits i wore throughout the time I was in Malaysia. The reason I only posted a few outfits was that, the placed I stayed in had NO INTERNET + all my photos were on my laptop. Therefore, the only times I actually HAD INTERNET were when I went to my aunt's house...twice.
I bought this beautiful knitted sweater for half price in Malaysia at the shop, WAREHOUSE. It's amazing. I've never own a knit sweater as comfy as this. Can't take it off!! Haha.

Anyways, OMG!! Today's the last day of 2011!! TIME FLIES. Tonight I am actually going to an New Year's eve party so...I should have an outfit posted of that tmrw..? Hope you ALL spend a great new year's eve, and are ready for the new year to come. Anyone going to be an all nighter tonight? Comment below!

See you in 2012!



Vintage roses

Dress (worn as a top)- Thailand
Pants - Hobbs (Vintage)
Bag - Bally (Vintage)
Shoes - Tods (Vintage)

I love the flawy, light crepe-like texture of the pants. It went well with my floral dress which I managed to wear throughout the day. This was a night look, so I decided to tuck the dress into the pants and add the structured bag for a vintage feeling.
P.s, I am still in malaysia.




Dress - Thrift
Bag - Bally (vintage)
Litas - Jeffery Campbell

Hope you all have (had) a merry christmas!! May you be happy and merry this season! Eat loads xx 



What's up!

Taken with my new canon 1100d!!

Cardigan and red pants - Maple
Shoes - Tods (vintage)
Sweater - Topshop
Shirt - Malaysia
Beanie - Zara girls

What's Up! I'm currently blogging from Kuala Lumpur! The weather is so warm and nice [to spend xmas] here! This was what I wore to the airport in hong kong, before flying off to malaysia. Since it was COLD in hk and HOT in KL, I decided to layer thin pieces together so that I could take them off when in KL.