Top/Dress from Topshop. Boots from f21. Tights from Miss selfridge.

I love these tights with the simple star, cross, and heart details. They were purchased at a Miss Selfridge store in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) during my most recent winter holiday :D
TBH...It wasn't until quite recent that I had a love for wearing tights. I mean, when I was younger.....I hated tights since they gave me regular itchiness, and the constant need to scratch my legs. Though I have to say, ballet has helped me get used to wearing tights and being comfortable moving around in them. However, I have noticed that holes appear in some other tights I have.....maybe I haven't completely changed on the "scratching my legs" part. Haha.




Pre-Credits: Thank you Honestly Wtf for inspiring me to do this tutorial! I decided to give this DIY as a gift for my very good friend. She really liked it, and I'm glad for that. Made my day!

You will need:
12 Pyramid studs (approximately)
1 black sharpie
Gold glitter
White canvas shoes (I used bak-fan-yuu)
PVA/Plain glue
Contact Adhesive
A medium sized paint Brush
Hair Dryer
1. Start off by taping the sides, and the front part of the shoes like so:
2. Create a mixture of the gold glitter and glue. First pour a decent amount of glue into a bowl/big cup, and then pour in the glitter. Then, use a paint brush to thoroughly mix them together. The result should be thick but not pasty. If pasty, add a small amount of water.
3. Apply the mixture onto the shoes until you can't see any white anymore. I applied 3-4 layers.

After 1 layer...

4. Use a hair dryer to dry each layer of glitter-glue paste. Once you dried the third (or fourth) layer, let it rest for 5 minutes, then strip off the tape.

After 3 layers...
5.  Grab the studs and using a black sharpie, colour them in.

6. Using the contact adhesive, glue each stud along the line where the glitter glue paste ended. Let them dry for AT LEAST 10 - 15 minutes.

7. Optional: Using a sharpie, create rows of square shapes onto the white section of the front of the shoes.

8. Now....Rock these shoes with OR without laces!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial :) xxx



What should I wear today....

Photo Credits go to NasyGal.com

I love looking through look books of different fashion websites for style inspiration. Nasty Gal is just.....perfect for that. I do love their selection of vintage, and their own collections. Their styling is perfect for everyday looks. You know their styling is good when you have the desire to buy the entire look(s).



DIY studded shorts tutorial

Hi again! I've decided to share a little tutorial on how to create these unique (but easy) studded shorts.

You will need.....
Pyramid studs
Neon Yellow paint (acrylic)
A paint brush
A pair of shorts

1. Start studding the right pocket until it is completely filled.
2. Then with the studs that haven't been used, paint three layers of yellow. Make sure you leave 5-10 minutes of drying in between each layer. If you want a quicker way, spray paint them yellow.
3. After the studs are dry, press them onto the rim of the left pocket until you've managed to fill it up all the way.
4. For the inner part of the neon yellow pocket, do a "jackson pollock" and slap some yellow and orange paint.

Hope you like it! 



It's official, Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Cardi and Trousers- Maple
Dress - Topshop
Jacket - Londsdale
Boots - Hunter
Bangle - DIY by friend

Hey everyone, happy chinese new year!! It's going to be a fantastic week of visiting family, eating, and best of all red packets (better known as Lai See).
It's been drizzling in HK ever since sunday. Therefore these Hunter boots are PERFECT for this type of weather! I love them to bits. Too bad they aren't mine, hahaha. Anyway have a great week ahead of you!



That's wicked! -Another pair of DIY shorts!

Jacket - Nic Blanik, vintage from aunt.
Cardigan - Maple
Shorts - DIY
Shirt - Thrift
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff
Boots - Vintage

So, I managed to complete ANOTHER DIY using my other pair of shorts, and despite all the frustration with the studs, i'm quite pleased with the result. For a long time, I've always wanted to accomplish a wicked studded shorts diy, and so glad that I have completed that.
Today I went out to Causeway Bay to check out the new FOREVER 21 store that opened in Hong Kong, and to the awesome I.T outlets around there. I have to say, although it was CRAZY CROWDED I liked the stock forever 21 had. I was considering getting F21's dress which was very "Piet Mondrian", however, the smallest size was still too big! So sad.

BY THE WAY (2 things)
First, I'd like to credit one of my blog followers Gillian for getting me into tying my hair up more often. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Please Check her blog out!

Secondly if you like this outfit, click this link to HYPE it on Lookbook. This post is specially for a competition I joined called "Project". Go check it out!

Have a great weekend ahead of you!



Artist's Muse.

Shorts - DIY
Tank top - JDC, Hong Kong
Trench coat - Pepe Jeans
Sunnies - Ray Bans
Wedge boots - F21

Hello :) I finally did a DIY after AGES. The pattern of these shorts were inspired by the Sam Falls x Urban Outfitters lookbook. I loved the vibrant background of each page of the lookbook, therefore I decided to incorporate that into my DIY. Do you like it? Want to see the tutorial? Comment below!



Chinese New Year Colours

Jumping for joy! -haha :P

Blouse and Hat-F21
Trousers - Maple
Tank top - Thrift
Loafers - Aldo
Bangle - Gift

Hi everyone! The chinese new year holidays are coming up, I'm so excited. Even my outfit shows how much I love the festive holidays. If you've been following me on my blog, you'll realize how much I lovvvvee these red trousers/pants. The first time I wore them were here. Oh how times have flown by...