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As you can see, feeling extremely honored [and filled with over-excitement] to be holding THE HERMÉS KELLY BAG. DAMMIT MUM. YOU ARE SO BLESSED!

Have a great week! xx




Leather Jacket - Nic Janik, vintage. Shirt and ring - h&m. Bag - Thailand. Skirt - Thrift. Shoes - Monki. Watch - Guess. Necklace and bangle - both gifted.

OHNONONONOOOO. I FEEL LIKE THE WORST BLOGGER EVERRR. HOW COULD I FORGET MY BLOG'S BIRTHDAY which was like. 4 DAYS AGO. :O I FEEL SO BAD. Anyway, in honor of my blog's belated birthday I decided to show more pics of my outfit I wore incorporating one of the thrift/vintage piece I found in a local thrift store on granville road. It was a blue-mint chiffon pleated midi skirt which I loooooooove now. I also really like this simple colorful shirt I got from h&m promoting that "all colours (races) are beautiful". What a great message.

Have a great week!

OH....and big thanks to my sister NAT for the pics....♥




Shirt - Vivienne westwood, vintage. Other shirt - thrift. Jeans - Page premium. Fishtail cape - A.T

Hey there! I wanted to show you my new deep purple cape that my mum sweetly got me. It's so cool! I love the colour and the way it flows and creates a fishtail drape. My outfit tbh is nothing special (sorry), I just wanted to show the cape's beauty...



Pink is hot

Stylin' in pink.

Source: forever21.com, lusttforlife.com, and unknown.




Blazer - H&M. Shirt. Trousers - Mango. Watch - Gap. Belt - vintage.


Hello there! This shoot was taken in my design lab, where all the designs on paper get channelled into reality. Most of the cutting and sewing magic happens in here, but the thought process comes from everywhere!

Today was such a chill day, but I had to do my work all day! Moreover, HK got even colder towards the weekend which sucks/rocks? idk. Weirdly enough, indoors seem much colder compared to outdoors...

Anyways, have a great weekend!



The Best of Spring Couture 2012

Christopher Josse.
 Dior. J'adore so muchhhhh.
(From left to right): Versace. Valentino.
Giambattista Valli.
Stephane Rolland.
[photo credit: elle.com]
Spring 2012 couture. Amazing. I especially loved the way Josse, Rolland, and Dior played with the movement of the fabric. They created really beautiful and elegant three dimensional shapes, which, I would totally wear. In fact. I would [if i could] wear all of them. The Versace dress is so cute, I love that dark canary yellow. Tbh, if i could wear one of these to my grad prom, it would either be the right gown from Christopher Josse, or the left gown from Stephane Rolland shown above. I tell you, I wasn't that impressed by Giorgio Armani Prive's collection. As a whole, it was unique.....but in a plain way. I appreciate the effort, but the colour scheme was not my cup of tea. BUT THAT'S JUST ME. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So...that's mine.




Cashmere cardigan from mum. Blue shirt. Starfish necklace - gift. Trousers from Joseph. Loafers from Aldo.

Photos by my sister.
(I'm so GLAD the sun came out)

Hey everyone! Idk why I am doing this but I am about to show you the most hilarious prank I have ever come across so far. The japs pull this one off so well (as usual)! This really made my day, moreover, I had a miserable one. First days back at school are never THAT great.

Have a great day and weekend!