Lady Like pieces

Blouse - thrift// Skirt - zara// Bag - bally (vintage)//Mary janes heels - f21//Sunnies - ray ban//Watch - guess.

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ahh.....what a beautiful sunny day today in hongg konggg! Great day to watch the hk sevens right? I'm going to watch the finals tmrw, hopefully the weather will be THIS gewd. Any of you going to the sevens?
After going to the first day of the sevens, I decided to rest at home today :P Therefore, clothes with light-weight fabrics were my go-to pieces to wear today. PLUS, these awesome mary jane heels. (NEED TO WEAR THEM MORE OFTEN....ARGGG)

Have a greaaattt saturday everyone!




Sleeveless blouse and bowler hat - f21. Grey shirt - Thrift. Skirt - DIY. Earrings - vivienne westwood.

I made this velvet skirt yesterday afternoon right after I came back from school. The reason being that I had this gorgeous blood-red velvet fabric lying around in my room for 2 weeks, and I hadn't sewn in such a long time! Finally, I'm SO GLAD this skirt turned out better than I expected.

I had to shoot this indoors since I couldn't be bothered to go out, and, my lovely sister helped me with photographing this (even though she was sick) so, bless her!

BTW, If you have/know any cool fashion/photography/food/funny tumblr blogs, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW. I've been needing some more inspiration in my life so far.



Rouge in love

Shirt + Cardigan + Skirt - Thrifted. Hat - f21.

Hey everyone :) 
This outfit was actually taken of two weeks ago, but somehow I simply had to share it with you all!

Today was honestly a really bad, bad day. Lost a competition that I reallllyyyyy wanted to win so bad. Despite that, I have to say, losing in life is important sometimes. You know what they say, you win some you lose some, and today, I lost for the greater good.

Sigh.....thinking about time management kiiillllssss your brainnnn.



Preppy + Leather

Shirt - Vivienne Westwood, vintage. Skirt. Bag - Bally, vintage + I attached a ferragamo belt. Wedge boots - f21. Leather Jacket - Nic Janik, vintage. Silk Scarf.

Well today's weather was pretty dull. Yesterday I managed to experience a hint of sunny spring, and today...drizzles, grey skies, and wetness in general. Despite this, I wore my leather/knit jacket with my preppy skirt and wedge boots from f21 to go for lunch @ Trafalgar in wanchai. Which was, really good.
As you may have guessed from this, I am a big fan of vintage, and ironic dressing. I couldn't give a ___ about the weather and just wore what I wanted. Plus, It's been a while since I wore shorter skirts...I missed them.