Shoe Fetish

basically sums up most of the shoes i love/want/need.
1-2 : Underground Creepers (my sister's) // 3: Steve Madden combat boots (friend's) // 4: Miu miu banana shaped heel // 5: Floral oxfords/brogues // 6: Polka dot Marni mary janes // 7: Amazing glitter heel! // 8: Intricate paper cutting details on shoe // 9: Traditional mary jane Louboutins // 10: Theyskens theory velvet wedges // 11: Loafer heaven!!!! - by aimee song of songofstyle.com


Back to Black

Outfit: Shirt - Giordano // Jeans - Paige premium // Shoes - Bershka // Vest - Helmut Lang // Necklace and bangle - hong kong // Watch - Guess // Earrings - starfish project

Hi there! So..this morning when I got up, it was raining like mad outside. Additionally, loud thunderstorms occurred too. How wonderful eh? So as I got up, I immediately wore black just because I was feeling quite lazy and unhappy having to get up and out of the house. I wore wellies in the morning-early afternoon, so walking in them were heaavyyy.
However as the day progressed, the sun came out and shone above, so when I got home, I decided to make an outfit post! I flipped off my wellies, wore my bershka heels, and cuffed my jeans! It was such a nice feeling!! This vest by far is my favourite vest, even though it is actually my sisters. I love the asymmetrical cut of the back of it (look to photo 9!) what do you think?
I would wear this outfit out to a nice lunch or to a pleasant/casual event.

Have a nice weekend!




collage made by me

(sources: natalieoffduty, lusttforlife, topshop tumblr, songsofstyle, more random)

Coachella Coachella Coachella...what a festive event I would loveeee to be participating in. It's cool to see the vintage dresses, cool kicks, and effortlessly cool styles of participants in coachella! (sorry I say the word "cool" a lot, but it seems like a pretty rad event to be in). 

Also....waitwhuttt Tupac? Was there????
This just gets better and better each year.



Casually stumbling upon..

Message in a bottle - police + a lovely photo
Diy ideas..
Pink hair + tribal bag and dream catcher <3
Two lovely outfits with colours i'm craving..
Romantic roses + Sewing organization ideas
Hot pink curls + mint skirt <3

Stumbling across old music, ideas, and aesthetically pleasing things in general! So much spare time today when the weather sucks and your after-school-activities are cancelled.....for fashion and studying!

Thanks for viewing xx

Photos from: sincerelyjules, topshop tumblr, more tumblers, pinterest (follow mine!), lovelypepa.


Another kind of green

For my outfit: jacket - nic janik, vintage. blouse - thrift. necklace - hong kong. skirt - basic, hong kong. boots - steve madden

Was my easter outfit! Funnily enough, a small boy came up to me and said, "you're not allowed to wear black on easter!" hmph. tbh...i didn't really care lol. Anyways...in these few pix I was standing out on leafy (and rocky) paths of a foresty place in bath, uk. Glad to finally understand how real fresh air felt like, haha!

Looking back at all my uk trip pix....i've noticed that a lot of black has dominated my wardrobe..uh oh? Will post more pictures of my uk outfits for sure, but meanwhile....please check out my lookbook and chictopia

Thanks for reading xx


London I

my outfit: jacket - nic janik, vintage. boots - steve madden. dress worn as skirt - jdc, hong kong. hat - forever 21. bag - rebecca minkoff. necklace - hong kong. sweater/jumper - warehouse.
[By far....my favourite outfit, unplanned!]

Above are only a very small amount of photos from my trip to the uk because I am just way too tired to select and edit more images of my outfits and images from the thousands of pictures taken during my trip. Instead, I will tell you that I managed to visit around 4 amazing universities that I aspire to attend in the future around london, as well as visit family and friends that I haven't seen in a loooooong time. Also, I shopped a lot in the oxford circus area and knightsbridge area, especially at Selfridges, Boots, and loads of browsing through topshop! Sadly, because the main focus of my trip was to look through unis, i had absolutely NO time to go to the local flea markets that I've been SO EAGER to go to. That includes notting hill, portobello market, camden market, brick lane and so on...sigh. Nevertheless, looking at the architecture in london is generally very inspiring, as most buildings seem to somewhat maintain a historical mood to it which is quite different to the architecture in Hong Kong.

Though I'm glad to be back in hk [where it is boiling] I'll still miss the atmosphere in london and other places in the uk that I travelled to throughout the week. Funny enough, when I first arrived in london, the weather turned so much colder than the previous week. Great timing! lol.

Thanks for reading xx



My outfit: Dress - jdc, hong kong // wedges - vincci, malaysia // bag - rebecca minkoff

On sunday, i had the pleasure of eating at the restaurant Gaddis @ the peninsula hotel, hong kong. It was delightful, and i loved the food there (especially the canap├ęs). Finally, I was able to wear this cute little dress that my mum got for me at a local boutique called JDC in hk. It's my favourite boutique, even though the price may not be friendly for a teen's pocket, like mine. I love the asymmetrical cut of this dress and the mix of colourful tweed with very light polyester fabric. Suited the day very well as it was sunny yet rather windy.

By the way! I'll be heading off to the uk soon, anyone know what the weather will be like for this week in london? Need to pack right this time! (not like my last trip haha)

Nicole ✍

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