pre theatre - les deux salon

Hello! So I'm posting a series of food adventures I've undergone throughout the last few months. Here, (when I traveled to the uk) I ate at a restaurant called "Les Deux Salon", before seeing thriller at the theatre. If my memory is correct, I do believe you would have to book in advanced for a table there. 

As you can see in pictures above, I ate a 2 course meal choosing to have the starter, and the main course! Oh wait sorry! I meant a 3 course meal!!! I remember not taking a pic of the dessert just because we were in a hurry to get to the theatre!! All the dishes were delicious, and extremely rich in flavour. Therefore I found it really difficult to finish all of them!! The waiters/waitresses here are really nice, unfortunately, the service (at times) were in fact really slow...which was a problem for us as we needed to catch the show.

My favourite dishes are pictured above (yes yes, and the bread too!), the dessert was nice and small.....but was not as impressive as the main and starter! Overall, this place is good place to have a relaxing-yet-posh dinner.




My outfit - Blouse - thrifted // dress - topshop // loafers - vintage todd from mum // school bag - puma (very old)

1. From top left to bottom right - art hk decor, prints/dresses as a form of art, tracey emin's neon typography, leather animal (amazing!).
2. From top left to bottom right - feather detail of a cool sculpture, paolo pivo's beaded masterpiece, recycling old bags into button ups, Jim dine's famous piece.

On Friday the 18th of may, I went to see the spectacular art hk exhibition 2012. By the end of the day...my feet were literally dead (and i was wearing flat shoes!!). There was so much to look at. Two humungous floors filled with various amazing works of art! My favorites had to be Alexander Seton's elegy on resistance, and hk artist kum chi keung's bird cage. According to one of the employees I talked to where they displayed kum's work, it took them 13 hours just to move it inside the exhibit. Might I add...the bird cage was so tall it could nearly touch the ceiling..

Overall, the experience was amazing! Glad I went with friends who appreciate art. It really makes a difference. Tbh, at times when I was looking around the exhibition by myself....I felt really awkward. Is it just me or do you feel the same way?



DIY Jeans to shorts

Top - Kookai // Shorts - DIY // Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell // Nail polish - Barry M

For this DIY, I used acrylic paints, leftover pyramid studs, and the usual scissors, sewing machine, threads, etc. To be honest, the reason why I started to DIY my original skinny jeans was because there was this disgusting yellowy-brown mark on them (looked like poop) that I really wanted to cover up. So then, I smothered a mix of turquoise and ocean blue acrylic paints all over them to satisfy myself (mum wasn't too happy about that..) and then just left it there fore a week. After washing it once, I just decided that I didn't like it. So then 2 days ago...a creative spark sparked my brain: "What if....I changed these skinnies into shorts and make them awesome as heck!"
Once that spark happened.....the result of these shorts...appeared. (well not literally but you know what i mean)

That, was the story behind this DIY.

OH! FINALLY....Yesterday I went to the ART HK exhibition...it was amazing, I'll make sure I post some pictures of it!



Polka dot Oxfords

Shirt - Thrifted. Skirt - h&m. Belt - vintage louis vuitton. Tote - cath kidston. Shoes - Kurt Geiger.

As you can see, I'm wearing extremely bright colours compared to my last outfits which is a breath of fresh air for me! I'm feeling so relaxed and happy in this very moment as exams for this year have finished for me! Therefore today, I get to relax back at home as there are still Bio and Chem exams going on in school.

From the title you probably noticed that I am wearing my new Polka Dot Oxfords from Kurt Geiger. duh. Anyways, I bought them with my parents when we went to London back in easter, at Selfridges. They were half price...I was so happy! Definitely worth it, as I wear these shoes to school nearly all the time! Ever since that trip, I've felt super guilty about buying new things all the time...therefore, I'm currently working on a ton of diy stuff, re-incarnating some old clothes. Would you like to see them? Comment below!