Glimmer touch

Gold wedges - diy. jeans - salt. bag - thailand. top - fred perry. ring - chapel.

Sorry for not posting in a month or less :S It's been the busiest summer yet, and it's almost ending (noooo). Love these heels, they were perfect for brightening a rather dull (and hot) day that day..
Soon I shall be jet setting to another country, and promise to show you readers as much as possible.

PS: (for those in hong kong) How did you feel about the T10 that hadn't occurred since 1999?




Hello, here are few pictures of part of my trip to macau. Macau is known as the "mini las vegas", i.e, the place with lots of casinos n gambling. 

Beyond that, macau actually has such a beautiful and culturally vibrant atmosphere. The architecture is a mix of traditional european and chinese styles (beautiful) and the food....is amazing! In fact, pictured above is my favourite dish [duck rice] from a restaurant in Taipa called, Antonios. It's a mini, gorgeous cafe you must go to. Finally....you have to eat the Portuguese egg tarts! They're addicting...