Preppy school girl

"Wearing a top from forever 21, vintage joan & david loafers, paul frank socks, diy shorts, a bag/rucksack from hong kong, a watch from guess, and a necklace/bracelet from penang."

Today was just one of those unexpected days when I had extra free time, and an unexpectedly favourite outfit (so far) for school. Despite the fact that I have loads of deadlines to meet, I felt like posting an outfit post of my outfit (duh!) today, fresh from school. Ever had one of those instincts? Ever?

My look today, I would say, is a teency bit preppy school girl-esque. Especially with the socks and loafers styled together. I'm so happy to have fixed these valuable vintage shoes...they've been alive in my aunt's closet untouched for ages!




"Wearing a shirt from h&m, shorts from hong kong, (pic1): necklace from penang."

Took a quick snapshot when I was on holiday of my summery outfit, finally was able to find these pics!  What reminded me to search for them was the fact that I wore this $ shirt to school today, in fact..i'm wearing it as I type. These shorts are actually my sister's ones, but she was suddenly willing to give them to me! Thanks nat!



summer xoxo

Here's a rather hefty post for a 'hefty holiday' spending time eating, regularly visiting night markets (pasar malam), spending QT with family, enjoying the sceneries, and the time I have before all the stress attacks! Oh how I miss everything dearly!



Lil' feather

"Everything from h&m except my glasses which are evisu and my necklace from penang, malaysia"

Lil' feather. A nickname my sister has recently 'given me' due to the fact that I apparently look a bit native american? Furthermore, according to her, this shirt emphasizes 'my nickname' and she loves to continue to bug me about it! Haha, to be honest, I don't mind it at all! But do I really look a bit native american? By the way....I'm thinking about changing the title of my blog...should I do it?


On wednesdays.."we wear pink"

My friend even bought me pink tweezerman tweezers and a vs angel perfume from the states! she's the best!

"Wearing my...pink shorts from topshop, shirt and weaved bracelet from Penang, rucksack/backpack & ring & snakebangle from hong kong, and earrings from the starfish project."

Rockin' my pink shorts in the middle of the week! Wore this outfit to school earlier today, and was so happy to have gotten these shorts during the topshop sale in malaysia! I bought another pair of blue paper bag shorts whilst I was there btw..asjdhsiafcjk so happy! Makes me realize how much I miss my holiday...back to school, back to reality :( Recently for school, I've been using the topshop mascara in brown and am loving it so much. It's really natural and doesn't smudge as much as the maybelline mascaras! Finally I think I've found the one!!!!! Throughout my holiday in penang, I saw so many reggae items whether it's clothing/music/socks/trousers in the night markets, or what us malaysians like to call it...pasar malam. Reggae things are too cool...I think I've turned into a rasta.

Oh, by the way I shall do a post showing some of my holiday sometime soon!