Wearing a topshop shirt, forever 21 blouse, joseph trousers, kurt geiger shoes, and an old beanie.

You know it's winter when you stay in the shower MUCH longer than usual.. I swear, it's more difficult to get out of one especially when people like me are used to warmer weather. Sigh, guess I should get used to it more as I will be studying in london! Anyway, I really liked this outfit I wore to school yesterday, the colours actually compliment each other quite nicely. Plus, I wore my Henry Holland x debenhams denim heart jacket over it which was quite cute. I felt so full of patterns that day but still so coldddd!

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Colour Punch

Wearing a sweater from agnes b sport, forever 21 blouse, necklace from Social Goods Co-Op, Bag from rebecca minkoff, and an h&m skirt.

All photos by the wonderful Nick C

When me and my good friend, nick were shooting, the weather started to turn a bit cooler. Now I feel like winter is officially about to begin in hong kong. With some christmas songs being played in public, cool breezes, printing xmas cards, and sweaters being pulled out ready to wear....I'm quite likin' the atmosphere! I'm wearing one of my favourite necklaces atm from Social Goods Co Op it's reasonably priced, has amazing craftsmanship, and is made from recycled shirts, how cool is that? They're also perfect for christmas presents.



Beanie Spotting BLACK FRIDAY

Collage by me

Beaaaaaniiiiieeeeeess are so perfect for autumn/winter! Proven to make an entire outfit cool no matter if you're wearing a sundress, tank top and jeans, or converse...I mean, look at these girls who grace the streets with such edge and style. Who can be any cooler than jess from vintage virgin, cara d (love her!), miroslava, bebe....? (etc etc etc). I'm planning to get a neon pink, yellow, blue, green, or whatever I can find in HK for winter. Unfortunately, here i'm not as spoiled for choice as some of you guys in the uk or us. I'm so envious of you guys in the US right now...I mean, it's BLACK FRIDAY. You can get so many great things for such amazing deals!

Speaking of which...for those in the US of A...have a happy black friday!! I'll leave you with this lovely factual infographic!

Source: WomensPersonalFinance.net

Cheers to Cath for the infographic! Please check out their website! :)



You Just Got Schooled

Red jacket from Zang Toi, hong kong shorts, vivienne westwood tee, purdy bag, and monki boots.

Suns like this makes moody days go away... Here's a pinch of red, V.W typography, Zang Toi's regal print, cheap shorts, boots, and thick socks...BAAAM. There's my outfit for school! One of those simple days where shorts and shirts became my best friend.



The Makeup and Me.

Everything by me!

Ok, just hear me out...I never EVER put pictures of myself on this very blog experimenting with make up. EVER. However this time, there's just one exception... SOMETHING VERY VERY VERY SPECIAL HAPPENED IN MY LIFE A FEW DAYS AGO! So due to the excess amounts of happiness, I bothered to edit, snap, and splash on a make up look inspired by Jason Wu's ss13 collection. I loved how he incorporated very dark colours into his beautiful collection, definitely unexpecting for a spring summer showcase! My favourite model cara delevigne have these beautiful bold brows that I attempted to mimic here. Love her look!



The lies that tie your tongue in knots

 Photos Taken by Nick C

Wearing a thrifted dress, rebecca minkoff bag, ray ban sunglasses, guess watch and forever 21 boots!

Teacher ain't in class so I might as well post this! Here's one of my more sophisticated-yet-edgy outfits i wore a few weeks back on sunday. I love how this dress fits perfectly and is chocolate, the silky smooth lining inside makes this dress feel comfortable to wear. Definitely a win-win bargain from thrifting!

Also, I'm exnuierugniweinfasuihdfjk-erly happy! My good friend and fashion blogger Nick C is wearing my original design from a collection I did! So go ahead and HYPE him!




Blazer - h&m, Bag - vintage gucci, top -topshop, sunnies - ray ban, shoes - kurt geiger, watch - guess.

BLUE BLUE BLUE. I have nothing to say, but have a great day.



Colours of the wind..

Wearing a DIY Shirt and skirt, a necklace as a headband, sandals from a boutique in china, necklace from thailand, and random bracelets!

Hey everyone, a bit late but this was my costume for halloween this year! I went as the one and only Pocahontas! Funny enough, the day I wore this was the day the weather began to turn cooler...great timing eh?