Photos by Nick check out his photography and style works!

Wearing a dress from Vanessa Bruno, a skirt from hong kong, a vintage louis vuitton belt, a vintage coach bag, a thrifted blouse, a necklace from Social Goods Co-op, and boots from forever 21!

Hey everyone! What a great way to end 2012....COLD! HAHA. jokes, but seriously, it's gotten soooooOoOOO much colder in hong kong right now. Currently getting ready for my nye dinner at home with family, sounds yawn but spending time with family is actually quite fun instead of going out to town...where literally EVERYONE is. ugh so crowded, especially in this densly populated city! This shoot has by far been my favourite shoot with my closest friend, Nick. It was really peaceful, and was the least stressful. I also like my outfit here, it's such a large contrast to my christmas outfit..from an outfit with a palette full of colours, to a nearly all-black outfit. Have a greaaaat new year everyone!! Best wishes (to whoever reads this) in 2013!!!




 caught on the street in action talking to friends and nick from the cut&copy blog
Wearing a dress (unknown from where), forever 21 boots, thrifted cardigan, vintage Coach bag, Daydream nation shirt, a handmade coffee cup sleeve worn as a bangle made by my friend's mother (my xmas gift!), a beanie, and a ring from Chapel.

Hey everyone! I know it's a bit late (for those in hong kong) but I still want to say.. have a very merry christmas and a happy new year! May your day(s) be filled with joy, fun and abundance! Above is what I wore for christmas day and I was testing Nick's new 50mm lens, it's pretty amazing!!




pissed off because my post got deleted and I wrote down some good shit down. arrrrrg.

Here I'm wearing a daydream nation tee, a skirt from....I forgot where it came from, Social goods co-op necklace, monki boots, and a diy flower hairband.

Hi!! So...it's nearly christmas...(yay) and I've been so busy and excited working on school projects and my own ones! Those of my own include shopping for christmas presents, and diy-ing..stuff that I will post on my blog or my pinterest or my tumblr . For the past 2 weeks, I was helping my friend (owner of hk accessories brand Social Goods Co-op)sell her cool sustainable and ethical jewelry products at the annual local artists/photographers/designers fair in HONG KONG called DETOUR. The products are so reasonable and well crafted, so make sure you check them out and like their fb page. Should I do a post about the fair and this brand sometime? hmm..Comment below if you think I should....or...just comment if you like my outfit here! I swear, I read it all. I was going for a casual-nature look  actually, I don't know what I was going for...comfort I guess?

PS // Should I make a post dedicated to showing you the coolest, and affordable places for shopping in hong kong? Comment below or message me if interested! I'm quite keen on doing this actually, and showing some photography work..omg what a handful.




Wearing an Esprit hoodie, unknown skirt, Social Goods Co Op necklace, converse, and a guess watch.

Hihihiiii....sorry for not posting in a while! There were a few issues with editing some of my photos, HOWEVER I actually love the malfunction-final outcome of some of them. Gives me the electric feel?




Wearing a thrifted sweater, vintage moschino jeans, monki boots, guess watch, vintage gucci bag and a purple beanie.

Photography by Nick

Hey everyone! In case you didn't know....it's been raining a lot in hk ever since december begun, and has gotten a lot colder (in "hong kong terms"...aka 14 degrees). Thus, I've been sporting a few chunky sweaters that me and my sister thrifted like this one i'm wearing. I love that it's warm, comfortable and totally itchy-free! I hate how some sweaters make you itch..it's just not a nice feeling at all. By the way, GUESS WHAT, my sister nat met HENRY HOLLAND (so jelly) in hong kong and since i couldn't be there, she told him about my offer to london college of fashion and he was like WOAH CONGRATS. Ahh...was so happy to hear that even though I never actually met him in person. One day nicole.....one day..