What I have cooked today (1)

Hi readers! Today I'm starting a series showing you "what I have cooked" whether it's today, a few days ago, or even within the week! Today, me and my younger sister (not the blogger one) cooked a (mainly) vegetarian meal for lunch. This included:

Garlic Bread
Caesar salad
Our own twist on classic spaghetti in our tomato sauce (seasoned with salt n pepper)

Caesar salad: homemade croutons, lettuce, bacon (yep I know this ain't veg but I just had to.), and a homemade sauce with no mayonnaise (this is a less fattening way-to-go)

Garlic bread: homemade bread, butter, 2 chopped garlic cloves, rosemary, olive oil, and parmesan cheese. Baked for less than 10 minutes.
 Jamie Oliver's recipe book was used as guidance! Includes spaghetti noodles, rosemary, garlic, cheese, 3 fresh tomatoes, 

Me and my sister didn't follow the recipe book, we used fresh tomatoes instead of canned ones, and rosemary instead of basil. The flavors came together brilliantly! I wanted to eat it quickly!
Result! Wah-Lah!

This was my day! Thanks for reading!



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