Vintage coach bag, Acne knit-vest, Paige premium jeans, Thrifted sweater and peter pan collar shirt, Guess watch, Vintage Todd loafers, and Ray ban sunnies.

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Had a chic moment when we were shooting in this maze. It's amazing how many beautiful places there are around hong kong. Like this green maze, it actually looks very nature-y, unlike the typical urban scene in hk.




Joseph turtle-neck top, velvet skirt from hong kong, kurt geiger shoes, nike socks, recebba minkoff bag, social goods co-op necklace, a reggae necklace from penang, and a guess watch.

Hi everyone, i'm sorry to not write a lot but I have to jet off to class!  Scratch that, I now have a double free period as my teacher wasn't able to teach today! So....last weekend was perhaps one of the most fun I've ever had in weeks! With the company of good friends, and family the week went by so quickly. Now it's....wednesday..halfway through the week. In 2 weeks time, mock exams are coming up, and I will be revising for the most time next week. But that won't stop me from posting? On a side note, I was nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARDS by nat, so thank you so much if you are reading this! I will post my liebster post soon!

Oh...and I finally wore a turtle-neck! Do you like the outfit?




Wearing...kurt geiger shoes, american apparel disco pants, sweater from hong kong, coffee cup holder worn as a bangle (made by friend's mum), rebecca minkoff bag, and a guess watch.

OK. I kind of know what you're thinking after looking at these pictures..that there is a strange text spread around my sweater. Yes, it does say ROTTING OUT, but I have my reasons for purchasing it. You see...the thing about buying cheap clothing in hong kong, especially in a place called "mong kok" is that grammar is never paid attention to, nor are phrases that actually make sense. However in my situation, the display sweater of this (i swear) said "porting out" which I thought made sense with this colourful galactic print. though when i got home I realized the one they gave me said "rotting out" -_- . Despite the weirdness and total randomness of this statement, I still like wearing it out and about...mainly because the print is pretty, and, to be honest it was a really good price!



GOLDEN GLOBES 2013 -Best Dressed women

By far the best, she looks strong, elegant, fierce, and fabulous. What more is there to say?
Ok, I'll be honest I did not like her hair when I first saw her dyeing it purple...but miraculously it looks amazing here! I love her entire ensemble and she does justice to her role as fashion police. Lovely!
Love the shoes, love the hair love the dress! Thandie Newton looks nice, and not like she's trying hard to look younger. I love that.
100% Sexy, compared to most of her past get-ups, j-lo exudes the perfect amount of class and sexiness. It's the best equation!
Anne Hathaway's performance in Les Miserables was OUTSTANDING! You have no idea how much everyone in the cinema cried. She definitely suits her short hair, and..despite her pale skin..I think that this white chanel number makes her stand out rather than fade away!
The cheongsam cut works for Michelle Dockery. It's definitely something different from what she usually wears and it makes her look like a strong woman.
Glamazon, fierce and mysterious. Katharine Mcphee shocked me in a good way!
One of her best looks by far!
Naomi Watts looks perfect in this interestingly cut maroon dress.
Gorgeous brit! I just.......love this so much! I want to wear it!