Oscars 2013 Best Dressed

Here are my opinions on the best dressed from the oscars 2013!
Strong and elegant presence. Her dior haute couture dress was really simple and beautifully tailored. It's also really different from the other strapless gowns that night.
This woman is phenomenal, her dior haute couture dress definitely made her shine (and trip!) and we all knew it was her night.
Jessica Chastain in a lovely nude/subtle gold dress by Armani Prive. The zero dark thirty star looked so beautiful and sweet for the night.
Wowwwwww! That yellow really looks amazing on Jane Fonda! It brings out her youth, and her lovely figure. I mean..what can I say..she looks great for her age.
Zoe saldana in Alexis Mabille. The colours look great against her skin tone, and I love the peeks of neutral greys at the bottom.
Amanda Seyfried in Armani Prive. Looking stunning, she always looks great on these red carpets but THIS was goooooood. I love the details of the dress too!
Jennifer Garner in Gucci. Colour looked great, side draping added an extra special flair to this dress, and her jewellry + hair was spot on.

That's It!



Happy belated birthday blog (again)

With my best friend of cutandcopy

For those of you who have read my blog for a long time, you'll probably know that I forgot to make a post on my blog's birthday last year. I remember that day I swore not to make the same mistake again, yet here I am typing away with guilt in the back of my head. Everyone makes mistakes. Happy birthday once again to my blog recently named: The Fashion Wonton. It's been 2 years (and 2 days :/) and I feel so blessed to have you followers out there! Thank you to my lovely 72 followers, it's been an interesting journey so far! To the future!!



Love interruption

I am wearing a thrifted DIY skirt, a kashmir top, a vintage gucci bag, and a vintage pair of loafers.

Go visit his site and comment below if you like/hate/think about my sorbet-light palette outfit! I added a slight edge to the sweetness of the colours on my shirt by pairing it with my diy skirt with a menswear pattern. Plus, i wore boyish loafers. By the way, what are your favourite shows from lwf/nyfw? I really liked rebecca minkoff's collection from nyfw, still keeping up with lfw atm!



Has your style changed?

Whilst I was clearing my computer, I found many old photos of different outfits I wore from the period of 2011, to now. Don't know about you guys out there in the blogosphere, but I like to keep [most] pictures of my outfits [and post on the blog] in different folders on my desktop. When I first started posting outfits on this blog, I wanted to make sure I kept most of the outfit photos on my laptop so that I would one day be able to look back and either go: "What on earth was I thinking??" or "Wow....my style has changed! When I was 11 - 13 I was so brand obsessed. I even used to think ROXY (yes that surfer brand) was allllll that and every bag I owned must've come from there. It was a really really really weird phase in my life, but I SWEAR i grew out of it, thank god. I blame myself for never wanting to go near that shop again. I wouldn't. really. ok.......maybe I was exaggerating there....I do like some of their swimsuits. But swimsuits only!! yeppp. 

So now.....here are a few photos I've compared from the past to now of outfits using the same pieces.

2011 - 2013: skirt

 2011 - 2013: bag
2011 - 2012: trousers

I'm actually lost for words right now...what do you think my style is like? I'm curious..I personally think it's a bit more daring but....there is no WORD RIGHT NOW THAT I CAN USE. ARRG.

Has your own style changed throughout a certain period of time? I dare you to post something about your style..um..timeline. hehehe :)




that last shot was inspired by the alexander mcqueen advert! haha

I am wearing a hong kong tartan print top, my diy velvet skirt, a vintage gucci bag, miss selfridge tights, shanghai tang chinese jacket, and vintage todd loafers.

Happy Chinese New year everyone! Year of the snake 2013!! Took a few shots a few days ago for the lookbook.nu contest where you have to get a partner and shoot looks similar to each other describing in the info box why your partner is special to you. If you get the chance (and if you have lookbook) you could even heart and hype our looks, we would really appreciate it!

Oh, and happy valentine's day in advance! I'll be relaxing a lot during this break. Been waking up and 10am each day so far except for sundays.




Thrifted skirt, tank top and denim blouse. Vintage Todd loafers.

A simple outfit to end last week (shot this on sunday btw!). Sorry for not posting it a week ago though, I mean.. my mock exams only finished on tuesday and I needed time to rest. In the post before, I talked a lot about chinese new year holidays and tomorrow happens to be chinese new year's eve. So to all who celebrate it, hope you enjoy this splendid time! Happy cry eve.




Wearing my vintage todd shoes, agnes b sport trousers, maple cardigan, topshop shirt, and coach bag.

Hello everyone, I've just completed my mock exams (yesss!) and started to [kind of] rest from all the revision that has been going on the past week. Now I can focus on more artwork, garments, AND....a few school projects. sigh. On a bright note, Chinese New Year is near! You can probably tell from the lantern decorations above in the photos. My outfit here completely contrasts with the surroundings of Pottinger street on a saturday where there were tons of people, steep stairs, red lanterns, and just a busy atmosphere in general. When I picked this outfit, I literally just woke up and wore what I felt relaxed in, which, were mainly the lightweight agnes b sport patterned trousers. I wore them to school often...until I found the button mysteriously missing after my sister wore them...hmm..