Matthew williamson sunglasses. Forever 21 shirt. Thrift skirt. Vintage gucci bag. Vintage todd shoes. Starfish bay earrings.

Hello there. It's been quite sunny recently and i'm not sure if I'm loving/hating it. It's gotten so sunny that I managed to get a sunburn, what joy.. On the other hand, sun does give great lighting for photos, and I'm really happy when I take pictures in the sun with my best friend nick and sister nat. This week, I went for a summery look with a bright + cool palette of colours and the "ground-breaking" florals. I realize from looking back at recent outfit posts, this bag has been with me all the time! Maybe it's time to use another bag just to keep my outfits different!




H&M blazer. Vintage gucci bag. Underground shirt. Social goods co op necklace. Guess watch. Matthew Williamson sunglasses. Uniqlo trousers.

Hello all. I felt that it was finally about time to post an outfit post today. Here's a polished, casual look featuring all black with a pop of electric blues. I love this colour so much as it is rather chic and adds youth. On another note, I have an interview with the University of Westminister for fashion buying management in an hour and a bit..wish me all the best! I'm so nervous, and so thankful for the interview!